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Unable to make registry entry changes

I have seen that in my registry search has never been ended? HKEy-LOCAL-machine/SOFTWARE/MicrosofT/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Desktop/NameSpace/ DelegateFOLDers/[F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A382-3E560C68BC83]}andHkEY-LOCAL-MACHiNE/SOFTwARE/WOW6432NoDe/ Microsoft/WindowS/CurrentVersIon/ExPlorer/Desktop/NameSpace/DeLegateFoldErs/[F5FB2C77_00E2F_4A26-A381-3E569C68BC83]} I tried to change these setting but I was unable to make changes in this. I cannot make a permission change that sticks and reports states that it is not able to import the .reg key import the key to […]

Remove Windows Update Error Code 80242016 | Unable to Update Windows

How to Remove Windows Update Error Code 80242016 | Unable to Update Windows Fix Windows Error Code 80242016 First Stop the Windows Update service Click On Start Menu >> Click On Control Panel Click On System & Maintenance >> Click On Administrative Tools Double-click Services >> Right-click the Windows Update service & click Stop. Click […]

Error Code C1900101-20004 while installing or updating windows 10

Fix Error Code C1900101-20004 Yesterday, I was using my Laptop for some important work, while working i got a notification of window update in windows 10, i decided that i will update my window 10 later. After the completion of Work, when i was going to update my windows 10, I clicked On Update, it […]

Error 0x00000101 in Windows 10 Clock Watchdog Timeout

Fix Error code 0x00000101 in Windows 10 Yesterday, I was using windows 10 on my desktop & while using i was facing an error with error code 0x00000101 which means that Clock Watchdog timeout error 0x00000101. This error occurs when a specified processor stop processing interferes, or you can say that the processor is non-responsive […]

Unable to find “Open with” option in the Windows 10 operating system

Fix Open With Error This is a general problem in windows which may people face around the world. General Reasons of this error is corrupt file in windows or Registry. Problems generallt occurs in almost all versions of windows 10, Windows 7 and others. Fix Unable to find Open with option in Windows 10 Tip […]

How to Enable Hardware Virtualization on Computer

Enable Hardware Virtualization on Computer I download the Virtual Box, To run SAS university edition, I downloaded Virtual Box. But it gives a message of “Invalid settings detected” as a description: “System Acceleration Setting: The hardware virtualization is enabled in the Acceleration section of the system although it is not supported from the host system. […]

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