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Category: virus

How to Delete/Remove Hydracrypt ransomware virus

How to get rid of HYDRACRYPT Ransomware My laptop has a virus. I am constantly seeing a red README_DECRYPT_HYDRA_ID_[8 random characters].png wallpaper and all of my document has converted into .hydracrypt_ID_ extension. Kindly help me in deleting or rwmoving this Virus. Please help me in getting rid of it? Your . . . Read more

How to get rid of Goac Redirection Virus

How to remove Goac redirect virus? I am having an issue with my web browser. My web browser keep on redirecting to http://gocloudly.com/goac/index.html page. I don’t know what is happening. Is my computer infected by any virus. If yes please suggest me some fixes? If your web browser keep on . . . Read more

How to Delete/Remove Locky ransomware virus

How to get rid of Locky Virus   I guess my system has been affected by a locky virus as all of my files have been renamed and locky_recover_instruction.txt’ can be seen in every folder.I search it on the internet but couldn’t find any good solution. Can you please help . . . Read more

How To Remove Antivirus 360

Please follow the below instructions which will remove the infection from your PC that is antivirus 360 Step 1. Stop the process av360.exe or antivirus 360 Open Task manager and stop the following process Click on ctrl + alt + del key to open task manager Click on process Tab . . . Read more

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