Windows 10 Windows store does not update or install Apps

Windows store does not update or install Apps

Fix issue windows store doesn’t update or installing Apps

I want to install the app for video editing in my pc Windows 10 but I was unable to install it even unable to update some of the Apps. How to install or update apps in Windows 10.

How to Fix issue Windows store does not update or install Apps?

Solution 1:

This issue is because of system cache files. This problem might be solved by deleting system cache files. To clean system cache follow the below steps:

Hit Windows + R Key to open Run
type WSReset.exe > then Ok
Black screen of Windows will appear and it will close automatically
After that Windows store will open, if not open then open manually.

Now, try to update or install the new app.

Solution 2

Check Windows firewall On

Make sure the Windows firewall must be turned on. To make it turned on to do the following steps:
Search> type firewall> then click on Windows Firewall option
click on Turn on Windows Firewall if it is uncheck

Solution 3

Windows Store License is not synced

If your Windows Store licensing is not synced then you will not able to install any app. No matters if Windows store is free or paid. To fix it follow below steps:

Go for Windows Store
Hit Windows Key + C
Click on Settings
Then go to Sync license

Restart the computer and try to install app again.

Solution 4

Try to Troubleshoot Windows App

Try troubleshoot windows to solve the problem. Download and install windows troubleshooter. It is compatible with windows 10, 8 and windows 8.1.

It is inbuilt in windows 10 setting option.

Solution 5

Store App Reset

Try this method also,

Open Windows Store app
Press Window key + X and then select Run
type wsreset.exe

A black screen will appear and will disappear automatically, then the store will open

Resolve not updation and installation of Apps in Windows Store/ Error in Windows Store for not updating and installing Apps

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