How to Enable Hardware Virtualization on Computer

Enable Hardware Virtualization on Computer

I download the Virtual Box, To run SAS university edition, I downloaded Virtual Box. But it gives a message of “Invalid settings detected” as a description: “System Acceleration Setting: The hardware virtualization is enabled in the Acceleration section of the system although it is not supported from the host system. It should be disabled in order to start the visual system.” To fix this I go to Settings> System> Acceleration and uncheck the box “Hardware Virtualization” but it does not work for me. Please help to fix it.


How to find PC Support Virtualization?

Download and run a free utility

a.) If you have Intel processor, it detects whether your computer is supports VT-x-technology (Virtualization).

  • Download Virtualization technology detection tool by Intel.
  • Select the specific-language

Once Utility is installed on your computer, You can run the utility to check the processor status as shown in the below image.

If it is no then Intel Virtualization Technology is available on not on your pc. And if it is Yes, then it is in your system.

How to Enable Intel Virtualization on PC

For Windows 10:

Go to Start menu > Settings and then click on Update & Secruity

Click on Recovery option

After click Recovery option click on Restart now button under Advanced start-up

go to troubleshoot option

Then, Advanced option

go to UEFI firmware setting

Hit restart and press Enter

How to fix the inability of Hardware Virtualization on Computer/ Error on Enable Hardware Virtualization on Computer

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