Unable to remove Ubuntu from Boot screen after deleting Ubuntu partition in my system Windows 10

Remove Ubuntu from Boot Screen

Last Tuesday, I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. While stuck in this process, I decided to re-install Windows 10. I deleted the partition of Ubuntu and it converted back into free space. While rebooting a black screen with Grub> command line appears. I was no idea what it is so I decided to force shutdown. I restart the computer and press F2, BIOS screen appears and I was able to change to get back to windows boot manager rather than Ubuntu and successfully boot with Windows 10. But I want to remove Ubuntu and re-install it. I deleted the Ubuntu partitions but some selections still remain in my system Boot menu. Can anyone help to remove it?

Solution to remove Ubuntu from Boot screen

Method 1

  • Change BIOS to allow boot from USB port
  • Select Try Ubuntu without installation in Grub
  • Press Control + Alt + T to bring up terminal
  • Type sudo efibootmgr to all list entries in Boot.
  • From menu select Ubuntu and write down its boot number
  • Type sudo efibootmgr -b to delete entry from boot menu

After that switch windows boot manager backupto the boot menu > windows 10 > create and format Harddisk partition and extend Windows C drive partition to merge the free space.

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