Iphone How to Fix Videos and Photos not loading in iPhone

How to Fix Videos and Photos not loading in iPhone

Phots & Videos not loading in iPhone

I tried to load videos and photos on my iPhone but unable to do it, it gives me error “Unable to load video”. Can anyone help to fix this issue?

iPhone catches some stunning quality photographs and recordings and maybe that is the explanation numerous clients want to utilize it as their essential camera. iPhone provides high quality camera and also provides Photo app which contains all the content which you captured via your iphone camera. Recently some iPhone users complained that their videos and photos are not loading in Photo app.

If you are facing this problem, it might be you have not properly configured your iPhone. I am going to explain you how to solve or fix this problem on your iPhone.

Reasons Why you are unable to Load Videos & Photos in icloud

Before fixing this issue, you need to find why this error comes.

Reason 1: Optimize storage option Enabled

This is the main reason of this error. Optimize storage option save content on iCloud and you will see only thumbnail of content on your phone device. That’s why when you click on the content, it starts loading but it is not show anything.

Reason 2: Less Memory Space on your iPhone device

If your iPhone has not enough space to load content then you will facing this error. Many iPhone users facing this problem becuase of their less phone storage. Make sure it has enought space to load content.

Reason 3: Internet Connection is not working

If photos are saved on the cloud and Wi-Fi/Mobile internet connection is down, then it is showing loading but will not show anything. Make sure your internet connection is working properly.

Solution to Fix Video/Photos not loading on iPhone

Try out below solution to fix this problem.

Solution 1: Turn off Optimize Storage option

As I discussed above, this is the main reason of this error. When your iPhone optimize storage option is enabled, all of your content like photos and videos saved on the iCloud. That’s why when you try to view any of the content it loads from iCloud and it take time then higher than usual. And many of the time it is unable to load the content.

You need to disable this feature.

  • Launch app setting from the main screen
  • Open settings, click on your profile name, iCloud panel will open
  • From the iCloud panel click on iCloud to open its setting.
  • Click on Photos to launch photos setting panel
  • Click on iCloud Photo Library and make sure Download and Keep Originals is enabled

Solution 2: Keep free space on your iPhone device

Normally people use optimize storage option when their phone space is running out of memory. So, you need to keep some free space by deleting unwanted files.

Many user’s iPhones have lots of unused content on their devices. If you have some photos, videos, or apps that are not in use, you need to delete it first. Below are steps to find out memory space on your iPhone device.

  • Launch app setting from the main screen
  • When settings open, click on General > select Storage & iCloud Usage

  • Click on Manage Storage under the Storage option
  • Here, you can see the storage of your iPhone

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