Windows 10 Error Code C1900101-20004 while installing or updating windows 10

Error Code C1900101-20004 while installing or updating windows 10

Fix Error Code C1900101-20004

Yesterday, I was using my Laptop for some important work, while working i got a notification of window update in windows 10, i decided that i will update my window 10 later. After the completion of Work, when i was going to update my windows 10, I clicked On Update, it starts updating, then suddenly i got an error code C1900101-20004 it indicates that the window is unable to install or update the windows 10 With Error Message showing below.

Error Message

How to Fix error code C1900101-20004 while installing or updating windows 10?

The reason for this Error is a device driver issue. below are the following things you should try:-Be Sure that Your Device have Enough Space

 Run Windows Update after a few Minutes
 Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter
 Run > Microsoft Online troubleshooter

 Unplug unused, extra or addition hardware
 Update 3rd Party drivers
 Check Errors in Device Manager

 Disable 3rd Party Security Softwares
 Repair the Hard drive errors
 Restore > repair > Windows Update files

 Performed the Clean Boot > Then install windows Update.

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