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windows 10 100% disk usage problem

hay guys Here are a repair methods that has helped other users fix their Windows 10 100% disk usage problem. just start at the top of the list and work your way down Method::Disable Windows Search To determine if Windows Search is causing your 100% disk usage problem the first . . . Read more

I have installed game Talonro on my PC. When I try to open the game i get a pop up saying “Talonro Quaratined”. I tried to fix it but it keeps on poping up. Is it a virus ? Do i need to delete the game.

Answer : Mcfee Securtiy suite comes with a program called VirusScan that scans your computer for suspicious files. When VirusScan runs it compares the file being scanned to the know threats and if detected as a virus, it either delete the file or add this to Quarantine list. Talonro game . . . Read more

iPhone Error 9,4005,4013,4014

Hey ,I am using iPhone 5s and when it gets connected to iTunes error 9 ,4005 ,4013 ,4014 are shown and which is telling that your OS cannot be updated because of these errors ? Before starting  Use the latest version of iTunes Make sure iPhone has enough space to bring in a new update.  . . . Read more

HP DeskJet 3630 E1 error

Product Name: HP DeskJet 3630 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) I brought HP DeskJet 3630 All in One Printer on 12/01/2016 and installed it its around one year. And Windows 7 pops-up error message ‘Error on printing’ I cannot find any solution. Can anyone help me out with this . . . Read more

Can’t Remove Internet Explorer

Hi, I am trying to delete internet Explorer icon from my Laptop but i can’t. I want to completely remove the Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Please provide  this solution to fix the error.   You can easily remove Internet  Explorer to

Cannot activate Iphone 7

I just bought a new Iphone but i am having a problem in activating it. It keeps on saying activation server unavailable. Kindly suggest me some solution or quick fixes to solve this problem Solution – Are you facing problems in activating your Iphone 7 the follow the below mentioned steps . . . Read more