Windows 10 Microsoft Surface Brightness Key not working

Microsoft Surface Brightness Key not working

Microsoft Surface brightness Key Not working Fix

I am using Windows 10. My laptop brightness button is not working. I searched on Google for an online solution and got a solution for this from the device manager > display adapter setting and update it but this did not work for my system. I tried it twice. What do I do to fix it?

How to Fix Issue Microsoft Surface brightness Key Not working?

If the surface button is not working, try the following steps

Reinstall your Graphic card driver.
Update laptop firmware and drivers.
Reset surface device.
Run Device & Hardware troubleshoot

1. Reinstall your Graphic card driver

Uninstall display drivers from surface device. Type Device Manager in search box. Click the option > Display adapter > right click on Intel graphic UHD 620 > Uninstall
Restart surface device, it will automatically reinstall.

2. Update laptop firmware and drivers

Please make sure that all surface devices, firmware and software are updated to latest version. Restart computer changes.

3. Reset surface device.

To reset Surface go to Start> Settings> Update and Security> Recovery

then, click on Reset this PC> Get started and now follow the steps.

4. Run Device & Hardware troubleshoot

For Device & Hardware troubleshooting, use command prompt and type below the line and press enter.
msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

How to Fix the Error of inoperable Brightness Key of Microsoft Surface/ Error on Microsoft Surface unworkable Brightness Key

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