How to Fix error has stopped unexpectedly

Error The previous day, i was on holiday for some urgent work. For that urgent work, I have to go outside of my hometown when i came back late at night. I saw that my android smartphone facing some error of has stopped unexpectedly that was my first time that i was facing […]

How to Fix Error 97 SMS Origination Denied on Android

Error 97 SMS origination Denied Yesterday, i was playing the game on my android phone it was a very interesting game. I was play review of tat game review was also good, Start rating on Google play store also good. Millions of downloads. But while playing the game on my android. My android phone showing […]

How to Fix error Android file transfer not working on MAC OS

Error Android File Transfer not working Last night, I was doing my office work on my MacBook it was a very busy night, an online meeting with Abroad clients. After that when my work is finish then i check my Android mobile phone that is showing insufficient storage. Then i decided that transferring my mobile […]

How to Fix Error of Android while searching for networks

Error while searching for networks Previous Day, it was very busy for me. Just because of lots of official work. After Completing my official work in the evening, i picked my phone to call my friend. But what i saw that my android phone is facing the error of the network. In simple language, it […]

How to Fix error of pop-up notification on Android 10

Error of Pop-up notification on Android 10 Yesterday night, i was doing chatting with my friend via the social application. It was a long time that i didn’t saw her. While doing chatting with my friend. I faced some pop-up notification error on my phone. And, the android version i am using is Android 10. […]

How to fix error google play store no connection & server error

Google play store error no connection and server error Yesterday, i was opening the google play store app for some work & facing some server error showing no connection. As we all know that the Google Play store is the famous market of android applications. Which is used by hundreds of millions of people in […]

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