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How to install more than one Android apps at once

Install more than one Android apps at once

Yesterday, i bought a new android phone with good & high configuration. As i am a heavy application user of android i have to install several android apps on my android phone at once. Just like me, there are also lots of users who are using heavy applications in the android phone for official purposes. While downloading more than one android application on the phone you have to download it manually which is time-consuming. Now i am going to tell you how to install it more once.

Install more than one Android apps at once

Technique 1
If you don’t have a backup file of your android APKs

This technique is for those who don’t have a backup file of your old phone android phone APKs. What you have to do is follow the below steps.
Open Play Store of your phone
Take the slider out from the left side of the mobile display & choose All apps.
After Choose all apps you will see the android applications which are installed on your previous phone >> Tap on ALL & scroll to left.
One more list will appear but now at the current screen, all applications will be displayed.
Now tap & hold the finger on the first android application you want to install. After the tap, it will turn in blues & the small green tab will show up at the top right corner of the display. Similarly, select the other apps & then press the install button.
Now check your apps will start downloading.

Technique 2
Use mass apk installer

This technique is for those android users who are having a backup file of the APKs file.

There is a tool named as mass apk installer in your pc
Extract the rear file named as apkinstall_v1_2.rar.
Locate the APKs folder in the .rar file
Now, transfer all the android apps you want to install
Now, enable unknown source in your mobile for enabling go to settings >> applications scroll down & tap on Unknown source
Now connect your phone to your PC & after connected scroll down notification drawer & tap connect the USB storage.
Launch run.bat from the .rar file to extract.

How to Install more than one Android apps at once? | Install more than one Android apps at once

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