Android How to Fix Google Play Store error code 911

How to Fix Google Play Store error code 911

Google Play Store Error Code 911 Fix

The previous night, i was at my office and my break time is going on. At my break, i was trying to download an application from the play store. But while downloading i got an error code 911 which is an app that could not be download due to an error code 911. Then, i was trying to fix this issue and i also fixed it. Actually, in the world, there are lots of users who are using the android smartphone if you are also an android user then this will definitely help you.

Fix Google Play Store error code 911

Solution 1
Clear Data of Google Play Store

Go to Android phone setting
Tap on Applications >> Apps
Scroll Down & tap on Google Play Store
Choose force Stop, Then Tap on Clear cache >> clear data

Solution 2
Check your WiFi connection

If you are using a WiFi Connection in your android phone then webpage login is required, and you will see that authentication is expired. Again login to your APN by using your android browser. Open your phone google play store & run the updation of the application again. If it didn’t work then the problem is with your Wifi or internet.

Solution 3
Change your Network connection

As simple as that change your network to another & then run the update again. On the new network, you will see that error 911 is now disappear.

Solution 4
Use your Mobile Network

User your mobile network connection instead of using WiFI Connection. Turn your WiFi off & turn your Mobile network. Now open Google play store & download or update your applications. This Solution is for Small size apps & if you want to upgrade large size apps you have to connect with WIFI. Now check your issues of Error 911 is fixed.

Google Play Store Error Code 911 Fix | How to Fix Google Play Store Error Code 911

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