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How to Fix error of No sim card detected on Android Phone

No Sim card detected Error on android phone

Yesterday, I was using my phone. Then while using i saw that my android phone was unable to detect the sim card. then what i saw is that it is the error of No sim card detected on an android phone. This is the common error which is face by most of the android users. after that, i was trying to fix the error of no sim card detected. let’s start with different techniques on how you can fix the error of no sim card detected on an android smartphone.

Fix No Sim Card Detected Error

Technique 1
Reboot Your Phone

Restart or reboot your android phone by press power on/off button.
After the restart, check that the problem is fixed or not.
If not, then switch off your phone, take the sim card outside & put it back again, then switch on again

Technique 2
Remove Battery

Remove your mobile phone battery(if you are are using battery removable phone)
Then, insert again & start after 30 seconds
Now, Switch on your Mobile

Technique 3
Adjustment of Sim card

Check your sim card that it should be inserted properly or if it is now inserted properly then adjust it.

Technique 4
Manually select your network Operator

Go to Device Settings.
Search for Wireless and Networks.
Tap finger Mobile Networks.

Now tap on Network Operators

Search for networks manually.

Technique 5
Select Network Mode to Auto

Go to Device Settings.
Search for Mobile Networks.
Tap on Network mode.

Select network LTE/3G/2G (auto connect).

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