Windows How to fix Error code 0x80004005 unable to unlock Onedrive Personal Vault?

How to fix Error code 0x80004005 unable to unlock Onedrive Personal Vault?

Fix Error Code 0x80004005 unable to unlock onedrive personal vault

I was trying to unlock my One drive personal but suddenly I got an error code 0x80004005 & this error indicated that the window is unable to unlock one drive personal vault. Please help me to resolve this.

What is a Personal Vault?

Personal Vault is a fully secured area in Microsoft Onedrive where you can upload & save your Sensitive or very Important Files, photos, videos, without showing to others. It needs a Strong authentication method & also the second step identity verification method like a fingerprint, Face, Password, Pin, or code which is sent to you by SMS or Email. They gives your important file which is saved in Personal vault an extra layer of security & safety.

How to fix Error Code 0x80004005 unlock your Personal vault?

Now, I am discussing the steps of how to unlock your personal Vault or fix Error code 0x80004005. Just simply follow the suggestions mention below:-

Make Sure that all features are installed Properly.
Deactivate the App & Browser Control Setting.
Then Contact one drive email support.

Brief description of the following Suggestions

Step 1 – Make Sure that all features are installed Properly

Open the Windows Setting or Press (Window key + I)
Select Update & Security – click on Windows Update
Make Sure that you accept all updates, including any kind of feature updates.

After following the above steps if you are still unable to unlock your personal vault on your windows 10, then follow 2nd step

Step 2 – Deactivate the App & Browser Control Setting

launch Windows Security Tab
Click Apps and Browser Control to Open, Under the Protection areas
Click on the Off radio Button, Under the Check Apps & Files

Now, Again try to open the Vault

Step 3 – The Last Step is Contact Onedrive Email Support

If nothing helps you, then click the icon “?” help on the top of the page & select Email one drive support.

Best of Luck

How to fix inability to unlock Onedrive Personal Vault showing Error code 0x80004005/ Error code 0x80004005 while unlocking Onedrive Personal Vault

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