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Enable or Disable Windows Vista Indexing feature

Enable or Disable Windows Vista Indexing feature

How to enable or disable windows vista indexing

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 Indexing refers to searching the files present on your computer that allows you to search files faster later on.
 The problem with this feature is that it slows down your system and indexing start without even notifying the user.
 For this purpose, there are 2 options; decrease the number of files for indexing or disable this feature.
 My advice is to “disable” this feature if you encounter performance issues.

Reducing the number of file for indexing

 The best way to keep indexing running without sacrificing your resources is to reduce the number of files meant for indexing.
 This way you can index few or particular files and save your hard disk from losing its performance over time.
 In order to decrease the number of files for indexing, go to Control Panel and type “Indexing” in the search box. Find the “indexing options” and modify the way your files are being indexed.
 You can also select particular locations to be indexed like Control Panel or Start Menu, etc. You can also modify these options later on.

Stop Indexing

 If you encounter performance issues regularly enabling the indexing feature, then I recommend you disable this feature.
 In order to turn off “indexing”, go running command and type “services.msc”.
 A window shall pop up, displaying the list of services running on your computer.
 Search for Windows Search in the list of services and double click on it to open up the properties dialog box.

In the start type drop-down menu, select “Disabled”.
Finally, STOP the service and press OK to confirm the changes. Next time you restart your computer, you will find the indexing feature disabled.

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