Windows 10 How to Fix Windows 10 laptop Error of displaying the wrong Battery percentage?

How to Fix Windows 10 laptop Error of displaying the wrong Battery percentage?

Fix error windows 10 display wrong battery percentage

It was a very busy schedule. Actually, I was using my Laptop & doing some important office work & suddenly I saw that my laptop is showing the wrong battery percentage in Windows 10. It is also an Error of Windows, maybe you are doing some urgent & due to this error your laptop gets shut down instantly. Now, I am discussing the solution to the issue which I am facing. Below are the following suggestions:

How to fix laptop battery showing wrong percentage error in windows 10

Check Laptop Battery

While doing work on Laptop if your laptop is showing the wrong percentage in Battery, then there is also the best way to solve this issue.

Tip 1 : Adjust the Power Plan

Press right click on the battery icon on the Taskbar which is showing on Laptop Screen. Click on Power Options, then change When the Computer Sleep from the left menu.
Note the installation, because you have to reset it later. Change everything to Never & Click on Save changes.
Click on Change Advanced Power Settings. Expand Battery, then Expand to Critical Battery Level. Record the Present percentage showing on your laptop screen for later User. then click on the ON Battery percentage & set it to the lowest possible level.
Expand Critical battery action & make sure that ON Battery is set to Hibernate. If not then change it to Hibernate.
When complete click on OK to save the changes.

Tip 2 – Laptop Charger

Plug the laptop charger & charge your laptop to 100%. During this process, You can still use a laptop. When the laptop battery is Full the don’t use a laptop and wait for a few hours for the battery to be cool down.

Tip 3 – Unplug the Laptop

Unplug the Laptop Charger & the Battery run out, again you can use the laptop & use till the laptop battery Completely discharges & turned off.

Tip 4 – Charge the laptop Again

Now, again charge your laptop till 100%, get back to windows power setting & revise the above steps again, and do everything back to its default setting.
Now check Battery Percentage will be correct & if not follow the below steps.

Install the Battery Driver Again

Maybe the battery driver is missing or damaged, and due to this error occurred & displaying the incorrect battery percentage.

Press Window key + X & Click Device Manager. Expand the Batteries, Now Check you will see the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery below the Microsoft AC Adapter.

Press the Mouse to right-click on Microsoft ACPI Compliant control method battery & Uninstall it.
When Complete, On top menu, click Action> Scan for hardware changes & Again Install the driver, and then restart the laptop.

Update Windows

You have to Update your windows regularly to make the system secure & take advantage of the latest features.
This is also the reason for showing an Incorrect percentage of Battery. When flickering over the icon the battery percentage is different from when clicking on it.
To make sure that you are using the latest version of windows on your laptop.
Press Windows key + I or open settings, click on Update & security & click on the Check for updates.

If there is the latest update it will be download & install automatically.

Optimize Battery Life

Hope, With the help of the above methods the error of showing the incorrect percentage of battery on the windows 10 Laptop.

Resolve Error of displaying the wrong Battery percentage on Windows 10/ Error on windows 10 displaying the wrong Battery percentage

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