Windows 10 How to Create and Set Up New VHD and VHDX files in Windows 10?

How to Create and Set Up New VHD and VHDX files in Windows 10?

Let’s create VHD or VHDX Files in Windows 10

Today, I will tell you how to create and set up new VHD & VHDX Files in MS Windows 10 by using Disk Management. 

Below are the steps to Create VHD & VHDX Files

Press the Window key + R, a dialog box will open, start typing in the dialog box diskmgmt.msc, then press enter to Disk Management
In the Menu bar, click Action and then Create VHD
A dialog box will open that is Pops Up, Click on the browse button
Navigate, Select and open the file or folder where you want to create & save the Dot VHD(.VHD) and Dot VHDX(.VHDX) file. Mention File name according to you and save.
Enter the size (for example – 1 GB) for your VHD
Select the Radio Button for VHDX & VHD for what VHD format you need.
Select the radio button for dynamically expanding & fixed size for the VHD type you want.
Click OK

Now, Let’s Set up a new VHD or VHDX file via Disk Management.

Open the New Dot VHD(.vhd) or Dot VHDX(.vhdx) file you created,
Click Ok in the error message prompt Couldn’t mount file.
After that open disk management via press window key + R, type diskmgmt.msc in run dialog box & press enter.
Right Click on the unknown or unallocated disk for example disk – 1, for the unallocated VHD & click on Initialize disk.
In the dialog box of Initialize disk, select the partition type either you select MBR or select GPT & click OK.
Right-click on unallocated disk for the VHD in the disk management, and click on New simple volume.
In the dialog box of New Simple Volume Wizard, Click on Next
Make sure the size of Simple Volume is equal to Maximum disk space, and then click on Next.
For Assigning the following drive letter, Select the Radio button then select a drive letter (for example “E“) as you want in the drop menu for VHD, and click Next.


If you want to set up the VHD without mounting right now, then simply select the Radio button for do not assign the drive path or drive letter.

Select the radio button for format this volume with the following settings, then select a file system for eg; NTFS you want for VHD, type a volume label as you want for the mounted VHD name, and then click on Next.
Click Finish
Now Exit from the disk management.

How to fix the creation of New VHD and VHDX files in Windows 10/ Error on windows 10 for the Set-Up of New VHD and VHDX files

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