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Windows 10, 64 bit 1703 Reboots!

Windows 10, 64 bit 1703 Reboots

Last Sunday, my system was working fine but when i opened a program, it restarted automatically.  I tried today itself but same system error occurred.

How to Reboot Windows 10, 64 bit 1703?


Press Windows+R key to open command prompt
 Type msconfig > Dialog box appear

Under Startup selection option> Choose “Selective startup” > uncheck Load startup items
Click on “Services” tab> In bottom left corner check “Hide all Microsoft services”> in bottom right corner click on “Disable all”> Click Apply or Ok> Do not reboot

 Open command prompt and type taskmgr to open Windows Task Manager> Click on Startup tab> Click on Status to sort column> Right click n each row with enable and make it disable

 Reboot your computer to clean boot

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