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Audio Sound device I/O Issue with Windows Update 1709

Fix Error audio sound Device I/O with windows update 1709

Audio device playback/ recording are not showing in the sound menu. even speaker  icon also not showing. Realtek Audio disappeared from my device manager, i install audio drivers again but still not appear. Firstly this error comes after install update 1709.

How to Fix Error audio sound Device I/O with windows update 1709


Restart your computer and check if the problem resolve, If not than try following steps



Check USB connection and make sure it’s correct if the connection are not an issue then connect external device to another computer to see the problem


Check DMA or PIO settings


DMA is turned on auto during install for DVD, CD-ROM external device. Due to system error, PIO or DMA setting may configured incorrectly.


Open Control Panel> click on System and Security> click Device Manager. Open “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers”> right click on device which is causing the issue> click on Properties



Right click on the device name and click Update Driver Software. Follow the process to update it.

Now, it is working fine!!!

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