Windows 10 How to remove MSA messages during the OOBE setup?

How to remove MSA messages during the OOBE setup?

OOBE Setup Error – Something went wrong But you can try again

Sometimes your Windows 10 shows a message like this “Something went wrong but you can try again” or also known as MSA message during the OOBE setup. OOBE stands for “Out of Box Experience“. Below are the points mention to workarounds for resolving these issues. Microsoft has also examined this issue and said that this issue is appearing somewhere just passing the completion of the OOBE Setup in Win-10.

If you are still facing this issue below are the suggestions provided by the Microsoft

Remove MSA messages during the OOBE setup

If there is No task Open in your Window

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the Keyboard, when the OOBE setup error message appears on the screen.
Then, Move your mouse cursor to the lower right corner of the screen of the Laptop or desktop screen. Point your mouse to Power Button & click on Restart.

If there is task open in your window

Please follow the steps carefully if you have any task open in the Window

Simultaneously, Press Ctrl + shift + F10 on the keyboard.
For Open the task manager, Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc
In the task manager go to detail’s tab, then find the wwahost.exe process.
Press the Right Click on that process & Click on End Task from the Context Menu.

After following the 2 methods, the OOBE messages should not appear on your computer screen

Resolve error on the removal of MSA messages during the OOBE setup/ Error on MSA messages during the OOBE setup

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