Windows Window 98 browser freezing

Window 98 browser freezing

Window 98 browser freezing | Internet Explorer 8.0

How to Fix Window 98 browser freezing

Tech Advice 1
Please do the following steps to fix the problem

 The possible solutions are available for users encountering this issue with either the ATI 3D Rage II or the 3D Rage II Plus video card.
 Download the latest video drivers for your video card from the ATI web site.

Tech Advice 2

 Click On Start Menu >> Click On Run
 In the Open Box type system.ini & Click ok.
 Add DevBMP=0 to the [Display] section of the system.ini.
 Click File / Exit and save changes and reboot the computer.

Tech Advice 3

 Click On Start Menu >> Setting  >> Control Panel  >> double-click the Systems icon & click the Performance tab.
 Click the Graphics button and drag the Hardware acceleration to None. |

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