General How can i uninstall Mcafee

How can i uninstall Mcafee

Uninstall Mcafee

How can i uninstall Mcafee

Tech Advise 1
 Please do the following steps to fix the problem

Step 1
Before uninstalling SecurityCenter  you must uninstall VirusScan  Personal Firewall  Privacy Service  and SpamKiller.

 Click on the Start button.
  point to Settings (XP users skip this step).
  Click on Control Panel.
  Double click Add or Remove Programs.
  Locate McAfee SecurityCenter in the list of installed programs.
  Single click on SecurityCenter so that it is highlighted.
  Click the Add/Remove or Change/Remove button.
  Follow the prompts to remove SecurityCenter.
 Restart your computer.

McAfee SecurityCenter has been removed from your computer.

Step 2
If for some reason, you have removed all of your other McAfee programs and SecurityCenter will still not uninstall, do the following:

 Double-click on My Computer (on some XP systems, click StartMy Computer).
 Double-click on drive C:
 Double-click on the Program Files folder
 Double-click on the folder
 Double-click on the agent folder
 Double-click on the app folder
 Delete any files that end with .adf by right-clicking the file and selecting Delete
 Use the Control Panel to remove SecurityCenter, as listed above.


These tools can be used if the above does not help

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