Windows 10 USB Drive showing Wrong Capacity – Size Error Fix

USB Drive showing Wrong Capacity – Size Error Fix

Fix size of USB drive showing wrong capacity

Yesterday, I was working on my laptop, then I open my computer or you can say that This PC and i check the space of my hard disk drive & it is showing the wrong capacity size. Then, I check & tried to fix this error why this happens in my PC, Now, i am showing how to fix error USB drive showing wrong capacity size.

How to fix error USB Drive showing Wrong Capacity -Size?

Below are the steps to solve this error of USB drive showing wrong capacity size.

  • We are fixing this error by using the command prompt in windows 10 because using the command prompt is the best solution to fix this is the best & efficient way.
  • Click on the Start button
  • Type CMD in the Search.
  • Open Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • Now, Open Disk Utility Program on the CMD & follow the commands
  • Type DISKPART in it
  • Now, Disk Utility Program is open, & type List disk as shown in the image below
  • Now, you will see the list of the disk of drive attached with your system, now find the USB drive stick
  • Disks attached will be shown in numbers like disk 0, disk 1, disk, 2 or whatever entered the name. Now, type Select disk 1 (disk 1 i am using as an example here)
  • Your USB stick will be selected now.
  • Now clean the USB stick first, by applying the following command.[Clean]
  • Now, the disk you cleaned.
  • Create aa Primary Partition on USB.
  • Type create partition primary in the CMD.
  • As you know, by default USB Stick FAT32 file system and configure the USB stick with a FAT32
  • Type Format fs=fat32 quick
  • Wait for a few seconds, when complete it is showing Diskpart Successfully Formatted the volume.
  • Close the Command Prompt Now
  • Safely Remove > USB stick > Reinsert it.
  • Now, check the size of the USB stick

Hope this will solve your issue. Thank You

How to fix incorrect function of USB Drive showing Size Error/ Error on USB Drive Showing Wrong Capacity

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