Windows Playing.OGM files in Vista

Playing.OGM files in Vista

Playing .OGM files in Vista

.OGM! Some of you might not even have heard of that type of file. OGM stands for Ogg Vorbis video container format, similar to AVI or MP4. Want to play .

OGM files in Windows Vista but having trouble playing them.

How to Play .OGM files in Vista

Tech Advice:1

Relax! Engineer is right here to help you. You just need the proper codecs to play .OGM files. Codecs are a sort of drivers required to play certain video formats.

You can download these codecs from the internet or use Combined Community Codec Pack. Just download and install it.
Launch the setup process, and you should come to the “Select Components” dialog.

You can unselect the codecs you do not require or you can choose to install. There is no harm in selecting all the codecs.

Press Next Button to move to the next page. This is the page that will help you to play OGM files.

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