Softwares Don’t You Just Love Mini Media Player?

Don’t You Just Love Mini Media Player?

Love Mini Media Player

Don’t You Just Love Mini Media Player

Tech Advice 1

 The cute mini player is irresistible, especially when you are listening to your favourite music.
 To use it always, or in exceptional situations chosen by you
 Click Options and you’ll find yourself under the tab Player, witch is exactly where you need to be.
 The mini player is used to hear mail attachs that contain sounds, wavs in general, so where you see the option that allows you to type in the kind of files you would like to open just remove the wav text and write what you want.

You can select an extension and type it in, so from now on the media player will open all files with that extension in small mode.

If you are the organized type and store every media file in one place, type in the location:

 Some of us like it so much that we want everything to be framed by the mini player.
 Well if you are one of us, then try writing in the white box simply  “:”
 After following all these steps, whenever you will try to open a media file (music, films and so on) a cute little media player will appear on your screen.

It depends on taste of course, but I think we all agree the Media Player version for Vista look so much better than it used to look on Windows XP.

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