Windows Installing IIS (Internet Information Service) on Windows Vista

Installing IIS (Internet Information Service) on Windows Vista

Installing IIS on Windows Vista

How to Install IIS on Windows Vista

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 One of the most important requirements for an ASP.Net developer is the presence of Internet Information Service, commonly referred to as IIS.
 This service is must be installed on the computer before work can be started.
 Unfortunately, Windows Vista doesn’t have this service installed.
 In order to install this service, Press WIN Key and select Control Panel, finally, click on Programs.

You will notice a link for “Turn Windows features on or off”

 Search for Internet Information Service. If this option is already checked then uncheck it and check it again to select all the sub-options under Internet Information service.
 If you want to select particular options then expand IIS and select the options that you require.
 Once you press OK Button
 Open up Internet explorer and Type http://localhost in the address bar. You will see the new default page… slick!

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