Error 78 Trouble in Updating iPhone due to battery expanded

Fix error code 78 Trouble in Updating iPhone Last day, I was tried to update my iPhone with the Latest Software but i was unable to update. But, I also expand my iPhone battery yesterday, due to this i was getting error 78 trouble in updating iPhone due to battery expanded. How to resolve error […]

Showing Estimating time remaining while software update in iPhone

Fix Estimating time remaining error in the iPhone while software update Yesterday night, I was updating my iPhone & while updating its showing Estimating Time remaining instead of Actual time left. When I read this I am getting confused about what was that. Then I understand it’s an error in iPhone estimating time remaining. Then […]

Cannot migrate error on android phone when transferring data to iphone 7plus

Fix transferring data error from Android phone to iphone 7 plus Hello Everyone!! I have recently purchased a new iphone 7 plus and trying to move all my data from my Samsung Galaxy phone using the “Move to iOS” app but it shows the error message “Unable to migrate, try again later”.The app Move to […]

Iphone screen is not getting turn off automatically

Fix error of Iphone screen not turn off automatically I have an iPhone 7 and its display doesn’t switch off automatically when my phone is idle. I am not able to fix this problem. Kindly suggest some fixes? Solution – If your iphone display wont turn off automatically when your iPhone is idle than follow […]

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