Iphone Error 2015 Occurred while Restoring iPhone

Error 2015 Occurred while Restoring iPhone

Fix error code 2015 which shows while restoring iPhone

My iPhone is slow and hangs most of the time, so I decided to clean up the space on my iPhone, I did a reset after backing up all my data. After Reset, I got this Iphone Error 2015. Need help

How to Fix Iphone Error 2015 which shows up on restoring iPhone?

How to Reset iPhone 5?

Note: Take Backup of All the files & folders, Contacts, Images, etc

Step 1 – Open Setting in iPhone

Step 2 – Click on Erase all content & settings

How to Restore or Update iPhone 5 or fix Error Code 2015?

Step 1 Make Sure Your Phone is off

Step 2 Connect with iPhone USB cable with your Mac and hold the Home Key while connecting to Itunes

Step 3. After connecting to the computer, it shows there is some issue iPhone requires Update or restore click restore

Step 4 Click Restore & Update

Step 5 Now, Itune will restore you iPhone

Step 6 Restore Successful

How to fix the Error Occurring while restoring iPhone / Error on iPhone showing Code 2015 while restoring iPhone

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