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Cannot activate Iphone 7

Unable to activate Iphone 7

I just bought a new iPhone but i am having a problem in activating it. It keeps on saying the activation server unavailable. Kindly suggest me some solution or quick fixes to solve this problem

Solution – Are you facing problems in activating your Iphone 7 the follow the below mentioned steps –

 How to Activate iPhone 7?

Switch to WiFi from your cellular network

Go to settings
Switch to wifi from your cellular connection.
Restart your device and try to activate your IPhone 7 again.

Update your Itunes

Make sure that your iTunes is up to date.
Do it by connecting to your computer.

Restore Factory Settings

Go to settings >> General >> Reset
Erase all content and settings >> Restore using backup

Unable to Activiate Iphone 7| Cannot activate Iphone 7 – Iphone 7 unable to activate

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