Windows 10 VPN Blocked on Windows 10

VPN Blocked on Windows 10

Fix VPN Blocked on Windows 10

I used builtin VPN on Windows 7 before but I upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10. I tried in Windows 7 server and Windows 10 client, all were working fine but when I tried a new server in Windows 10 it was giving an error. When I hold the mouse pointer over the network icon, I received this msg – “RAS (Dial-in) Interface – No internet connection”. For this, I disconnected the firewall but it too not work for me. I am using in 1909.

How to Fix VPN Blocked on Windows?

Solution 1

Change System Date & Time Setting

One of the fastest solutions to fix this issue is to change the Date Time setting of your system.
Windows automatically update time and date setting via the internet. Disable the automatic update setting and change it manually.
Also, make sure the location and region should be the same as your VPN Server location.
Try to change the internet connection to VPN. If you are using Dialup internet connection, then change it to LAN, Wi-Fi or Broadband internet connection.

If you still getting an error after using the above solution, then you can proceed to the next solution below

Solution 2

Configure VPN Connection Manually

To fix this solution configure VPN connection manually which is built-in feature of Windows. Make sure you have VPN account and also a working internet connection. Steps below

  • Go to Start> Settings> Click on Network and Internet> then VPN
  • Click on Add a VPN Connection, then dropdown menu
  • Select Windows(Built-in)> click on Connection Name.
  • Give VPN Connection a name
  • Click on the field of Server address or name, then type Server’s address, Server address will be provided by your VPN provider.
  • Select Connection Protocol from the drop down menu below of VPN types
  • Select “Type of sign-in info” option, then click Save
  • Click on “Connect

If still VPN is blocked, processed to the next step

Solution 3

Exclude the VPN in your AntiVirus Settings

Your System antivirus software may block VPN on Windows 10. It recommends excluding the VPN from your Antivirus software program.
Below is the screenshot if you are using Windows Defender program:

  • Click on Virus and Threat Protection
  • Select theExclusion
  • Select “Add/ remove the exclusions”
  • Choose Add an exclusions & add vpn

If VPN remains not working, you might enable it in window firewall Settings.

Solution 4

Enable Windows Firewall for VPN

Another reason for VPN blocked in Windows Firewall settings. Enable VPN in Windows firewall setting. Go with the steps below
Start> Now, type “Allow a Program through windows Firewall” and Press Enter.
Click the button Change settings

Click Allow Another Program
Select VPN which you want to add, press the Browse button to find available VPN > OK
Check your VPN if it connects

Solution 5

Clear Cache & DNS

Many times old DNS entries of your ISP may be wrong. In this case, you need to clear your system browser and need to flush DNS records. Below are steps to clean

Step1: Web Browser Cache clear

Open Web browser like Mozilla Firefox
Hit CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE for Clear recent history
Under the Time range to clear drop-down menu, choose Everything.
Check Cache option

Hit Clear Now

Step2: DNS Flush

Start > type command prompt
Right-click on Start, choose Command Prompt
Type ipconfig /flush dns and then Enter, Now, you should receive a msg for successfully flush DNS

Solution 6

Install VPN Client again

Reinstalling your VPN client might help to resolve this issue. Here are the steps:
Go to Start > then Control Panel > Select Enter to launch Control Panel
Choose Uninstall a program from the program menu

Select Uninstall after finding your VPN
In Setup Wizard, select you will get a notification after a successful uninstall > Close to exit the Wizard
If the VPN still showing after uninstall go to the Start >Run
Type ncpa.cpl > press Enter to open the Network Connection window
Under the Network Connection do right click on WAN Miniport
Select Delete option
Go to Start> type Network Connections, and Hit Enter. Do right click on VPN connection and select Delete button
Choose VPN if you see it and delete it.

After uninstall, install your VPN client on Windows 10

Solution 7

PPTP Rule Enable

Some of the VPN required PPTP, for Enable PPTP follow below steps
Start > Control Panel

Go to Windows Firewall > Choose Advanced Settings

Choose Routing and Remote Access under Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules
For Inbound Rules: Right click Routing and Remote Access(PPTP-In) > Enable Rule
For Outbound Rules: Right click Routing and Remote Access(PPTP-Out) > Enable Rule

Solution 8

Latest Windows update Install

The latest updates of Windows will fix the system issues related to VPN blocking. Follow the below steps to update Windows.
Go to Start menu type Windows Update in the searching box then hit Windows Update to start updates.
In the Windows update Dashboard, Press Check for Updates button

When Windows update process complete restart your System.

I hope the VPN blocking issue on Windows 10 solved. Let me know by leaving a comment


Resolve Error of Blocked VPN on Windows 10/ Error on windows 10 of Blocked VPN

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