Windows 10 Windows 10 Error when updating KB4540673

Windows 10 Error when updating KB4540673

Windows 10 KB4540673 Error Fix

Yesterday night, i was doing official work from home,Suddenly, got a notification from window 10. It says that you have windows update available. So, according to the notification, i update my windows 10. The latest update of windows 10 update name is KB4540673. it is released on 10 March. But after installing this update suddenly i got an error of BSOD which is a Blue screen on Desktop.According to Microsoft windows latest update, this was the most recent version of MS Windows 10 1909 & 1903.

I also tried to restart my PC, but after restarting i again got an error of BSOD. then i have only one option left which is rollback to Restore previous points of a few days ago.

There is also a one user of windows who said that March 10 windows update is installed automatically & then i got a BSOD error.

Other users also complain that after windows 10 KB4540673 updated causes a temporary bug by replacing the windows 10 default users account with a new temporary account & then remove desktop icons or customization.

If you are also facing the same issue with your windows 10, then the best option is System restore in windows 10 which is rollback to previous points and it worked very smoothly on your PC.

Uninstall Windows Update to fix KB4540673

For uninstalling, window 10 update Uninstall updates (select KB4540673) to fix the problem.  Uninstall updates (select KB4540673) to fix the problem.  Uninstall updates (select KB4540673) to fix the problem.  go to settings > Updae & Security > Windows Update > View Update History > Uninstall updates (select KB4540673) to fix the problem.

Fix windows error code KB4540673 uninstall windows update

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