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View Keyboard shortcuts in Windows Vista

View Keyboard shortcuts in windows Vista

How to View Keyboard shortcuts in windows Vista

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 In my earlier article, I mentioned that you can save time using Keyboard shortcuts rather than using Mouse to perform the same operation.
 I love to use Keyboard shortcuts, so I am going to tell you an easy way to explore keyboard shortcuts in Windows Vista.
 Using keyboard shortcuts, again and again, will help you learn the shortcut keys for most of the tasks that you perform on a daily basis.

When I first start started using the shortcut keys I really found it difficult but later on I was an expert using shortcut keys.

 In order to help windows show you shortcut keys while you work, go to Control Panel and type “underline”in the search box above.
 Check the “underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys” option and then you will notice that Menu options have the shortcut keys underlined.

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