Windows Add Registry Editor to Control Panel

Add Registry Editor to Control Panel

Add Registry Editor to Control Panel

How to Add Registry Editor to Control Panel

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 Sometimes this is an item that can be needed. Little modifications might help to make it better in the long run without causing damage.
 No one has ever really given it much thought to actually create a Registry Editor icon for the Control Panel. Like some modifications, this also can be done.
 There is a registry edit hack to allow that move to happen. It works for both Vista and XP, assuming all versions by the way. There is no limitation in that regard.
 This should help you out if you are interested in just using an icon instead of using the search bar on the start menu or for that matter, the batch file in XP.

Windows Vista

 Once you have the item installed, you then go into your System and Maintenance in the Control Panel.
 You must have the item 1st before proceeding further.
 If you did it right, you should see a registry edit icon at the very bottom of the list. If it’s not there, then it simply wasn’t installed right.
 To make it even more useful, it is now available as an icon in the start menu search box.

Windows XP

 Like the Vista one, it has to be installed but in this case is different.
 When you go to the Control Panel, it must be in Classic View otherwise you won’t see the item in question.

Installation Registry Editor to Control Panel

 Just a simple download, extract, and then double-click on the script.

Uninstalling Registry Editor to Control Panel

 If you don’t want to see it anymore, just use the script included with it and take it from there.

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