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Hiding Flashing command line & batch file window during startup

Hiding Flashing command line or batch file window during startup

How to hide the flashing command line

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 I have used many batch files and command line applications.
One of the most annoying things about them is the flashing window that appears during startup.
 To remove these flashing windows, there is a very special and hidden utility in Vista called Hidden Start (hstart).
 Hidden start starts a command line application in the background that hides the flashing windows from appearing during startup.

Press WIN Key + R and type the following line:

 hstart /[parameters] /[priority] [command lines]
 If you launch the hstart utility with no parameters, the following settings will appear.
 Remember 3 important points, if you decide to use this utility.

Use the “/NOWINDOW” parameter to start the application without the application window, use the “/D=path” to set the current/starting directory and last, use “quotes” to surround the arguments.

 For example: 
hstart /NOWINDOW /D=c:\scripts “c:\scripts\mybatch.bat”

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