Windows 10 Battery drains too quickly on Windows 10

Battery drains too quickly on Windows 10

Battery drains too quickly on Windows 10 Fix Error

After installing Windows 10 my battery Life has become very weak. It drains too quickly. Ho should i fix it. Want to fix your windows 10 battery draining Problem the follow the mentioned steps.

Microsoft Windows 10 is built in a very optimistic manner. It has a feature of Battery Saver which helps Windows 10 device in saving Battery Life.

How to Fix issue Battery drains too quickly on Windows 10?

Use the Battery Saver Feature

Use the Battery saver feature to extend your battery life.
Go to Control Panel>>System>>Settings.
Go to Battery Saver option.
Enable Battery Saver.

Close Power Draining apps

Go to system settings>>select battery use.
It will open a list of all app battery consumption.
Select the default view and change it to 48 hrs or last week.
Scroll the list and close the apps that are consuming battery.

Customize your Battery Saving Settings

Go to control panel>>settings
Select Battery Saver Settings option.
Select an option of Turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below.
Enable/Disable Allow push notifications from any app while in battery saver and Lower screen brightness while in battery saver option.

Use the Allow app option to decide which application you want to run on bavkground even when the battery saver mode is on.

Disable your wireless connection

You can save your battery power by closing all of your wireless connections.The best option will be of activating or
Enabling your Airplane Mode which will disable your Bluetooth, wify, GPS etc.
Click on the wireless network icon or tab.
Click on Airplane Mode button.
Turn it on.

Note : If your problem is still unsolved then you need to upgrade your hardware.

Battery drains too quickly on Windows 10 Fix Error

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