Android Transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android ???

Transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android ???

How can i transfer my contacts from Windows to Android Phone???

Transfer Contacts From windows phone to android phone

You can Sync Micro-soft account with Windows Phone.
login Microsoft account in your desktop and then press drop-down to out-look and select members.
Select the Manage account and choose the Export to Outlook to another service.
↣ Press the “Save” button to export the contact file outlookcontacts.csv on the desktop.
↣ You have to transfer your file through Windows Live contacts in your google account.

  1. login into your g-mail account
  2. In the home page, click on mail or G-mail  and the top left of screen & choose the contacts.
  3. In the Contacts folder press More & select to Import.
  4. And choose the file .
  5. Open the location of windows live contacts file outlookcontacts.csv and open it.
  6. Click on Import tab & wait  for the completion of importing process.

Finally into your mobile.
Go to the Settings/Accounts/Synchronise or Settings
Under Manage accounts option click on google account into your android phone.
Then finally you will add your account in your phone. press the “Sync Contacts” key.
And then you are ready to use your contacts in your android phone.

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