Windows Switch keys in Vista

Switch keys in Vista

Switch keys in Vista

How to Fix Switch keys in Vista

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 Windows read your keyboard as it does because someone programmed it to.
 But any chance in reversible or changeable in any way, so if you mess up with registry a bit, you might end up with H equalling Enter or Shift meaning Caps Lock. But registry use is mostly for experienced computer users. In case you’re wondering, yes, there is a way to change a key’s value even for us, the modest users at home.

↣ A little application that helps you do this easier is SharpKeys.

 If you use Caps Lock rarely or not at all and it just gets in the way of your writing all the time, you can simply disable it.
 You can either add a key to its lists, disabling it or changing its value, or Type the key in, typing on the precise key you want to change, not two keys at once.

 Select all the keys you want changed before clicking Ok in the dialog box below , and make sure you don’t have unsaved work, because that button will reboot or at least log off you systems to help all the changes be stored in registry.

Changing keyboard settings in Windows Vista switch the Caps Lock and Ctrl keys in Windows Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Vista Changing keyboard settings

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