General Stop Windows Mobility Center in Windows Vista

Stop Windows Mobility Center in Windows Vista

Stop Windows Mobility Center in Windows Vista

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For laptop users that have Vista installed on their computers, this would be something for you to read. If not, then I’m afraid this tutorial won’t serve you much of a purpose considering that it’s exclusive for that.

However, you can keep reading if you’re interested in learning how to disable Windows Mobility Center for Vista on a laptop. Does this program get on your nerves? Well, it can do so and it isn’t for everybody.

For those who don’t know what Windows Mobility Center is exactly, it is a tool that is used mainly involving laptops with Vista.

However, if you wish to stop it and get rid of it, then proceed further. This is what you do in order to take care of this problem for you.

All that it takes is a registry hack to modify it and it should be taken care of without trouble.


Manual Registry Hack

To start this off, you have to open up regedit.exe in the start menu search box. Keep in mind as stated previously, it’s for laptops only with Vista. You then have to navigate to the following key listed below; it creates it without it having to exist.


If you don’t see it, chances are you don’t have Vista or a laptop.
Create a 32-bit DWORD entry on the right side of the registry editor and name it as NoMobilityCenter. Finally, assign it a value of 1.

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