General Registry Error | System file Corrupt

Registry Error | System file Corrupt

Registry Error | System file Corrupt

How to Fix Registry Error or System file Corrupt

Please do the following steps to fix the problem

Tech Advice 1
Recovery Console

 The Recovery Console utility helps you restore the registry to the state when the operating system was installed.
 You start the Recovery Console by booting the system using the Windows XP startup disk
 Or Windows XP CD-ROM and pressing R at the Welcome to Setup screen.
 Next you type the administrator password when prompted and press Enter.
 At Recovery Console create a temp folder using the md command and copy the system software sam security
 And default files from the c:\windows\system32\config\ folder to the c:\windows\temp\ folder using the copy command.
 Next use the delete command to remove the copied files from the c:\windows\system32\config\ folder.
 Finally type exit to quit Recovery Console and reboot your PC.
 The process restores the registry to the state when you had initially installed your operating system.

System Restore

 The System Restore utility enables you to return your PC to the last known working state.
 To perform a system restore log on as an Administrator Open the Start menu and point to All Programs.
 Next point to Accessories & then select System Restore command from the System Tools menu.
 This displays the System Restore dialog box.
 Now follow the simple instructions in the dialog box to select and restore your system to the most recent system checkpoint.
 After you confirm your restore point your system is restored to the previous configuration and the PC is restarted.
 After restart the System Restore Restoration Complete page is displayed confirming the completion of the restoration process.

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