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Registry Error Code 1402

Registry Error Code 1402

How to fix Registry Error Code 1402

Caution : Incorrect Registry Editing can cause serious problems.

Step 1:

 Please be careful while editing registry or contact our supoprt team to fix it remotley
 Ensure that the Windows Registry is not Damaged
To use the Registry Checker tool on Windows Me perform the following steps:
 Click On Start Menu >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools & then select the System Information command.

In the System Information window

 Open the Tools menu and then select the Registry Checker command.
 Here if you receive the following error message, proceed with the steps listed below:
 Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry.
 Windows will restart the computer and repair the system registry for you.
 Click OK to restart your PC.

Follow the screen instructions to restore the damaged registry with its good copy.

 Run Office Setup again after the system restarts.
 If no error is displayed you may choose to perform registry maintenance tasks such as compact the registry and repair any damage to its internal data structure.

You can do so by performing the following steps:

 Exit all Windows and programs currently running on the system.
 Click On Start Menu >> Click On Run Button
 In the Open Box  type scanreg /fix and then press Enter.
 Click the Yes button to restart your system.
 Follow the screen instructions to restore the damaged registry with its good copy.
 Run Office Setup again after the system restarts.

Step 2
For Windows 98

 Restart your Windows 98 computer and press Ctrl during the startup until the Windows 98 Startup menu is displayed.
 Scroll down and select the Command prompt only option.
 When the command prompt is displayed type scanreg /fix and then press Enter.
 Press Enter again after the Registry Checker tool finishes the registry repair process.
 Next, to optimize the registry, at command prompt scanreg /opt and then press Enter.
 Restart the PC and attempt Office Setup again.

Tech Advice 2
Disable User Profile Before Installing Office XP

 Open Control Panel and the double-click Passwords.
 On the User Profiles tab select All users of this computer use the same preferences and desktop settings.
 Click OK and then choose to restart your PC when prompted.
 Install Office XP.
 After the installation is complete turn on user profiles again if required.


 Cause Of Error code 1402
 The Cause of the problem can be due to the following reasons-
 You may encounter this problem when all of the following conditions are true:
 You are trying to install Office XP on a Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows Millennium (Me) computer.
 User Profiles is turned on on the system.

The active profile on the system has a problem

Registry Error Code 1402 error 1402 setup cannot access the registry error 1402 office 2013 error 1402 msi

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