virus How to remove ILOVEYOU a.k.a. Lovebug/Loveletter Virus:

How to remove ILOVEYOU a.k.a. Lovebug/Loveletter Virus:

Remove ILOVEYOU a.k.a. Lovebug/Loveletter Virus

How to remove ILOVEYOU a.k.a. Lovebug/Loveletter Virus

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How to Recover from the ILOVEYOU a.k.a. Lovebug/Loveletter Virus:

 You can recover this virus on below step:

Stop the Virus

 Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to invoke the Close Program dialog or Task Manager, depending on your operating system. Select any instance of Wscript.exe that is running, and choose End Task to kill it. Do the same with WINS-BUGFIX.exe and WinFat32.exe.

Fix Windows Registry

 Caution : Incorrect Registry Editing can cause serious problems. Please be careful while editing registry or contact our supoprt team to fix it remotley

 Browse To The following Registry Sub Key and delete them
 Remove the following Windows Registry entries:


 In the HKEY_CURRENT_USER<<<Software<<<Microsoft<<<WAB<<< key, remove all the individual STRING and DWORD entries, but not the (default) entry or any subkeys.
 Rename the value of the following registry entry to your desired Internet Explorer home page:
 HKEY_CURRENT_USER<<<Software<<<Microsoft<<<Internet Explorer<<<Main<<<Start Page
 You may need to restore these registry entries to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_USERS and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. A system policy file that loads at network logon should take care of that automatically:


Recover Files

 If you find files with the pattern mp3.vbs or mp2.vbs, the original MP3 and MP2 files should still be available, only hidden. Make sure that Windows Explorer is set on the View | Options dialog to show all hidden files.
 As noted above, the virus deletes many web-related and script files, replacing them with copies of itself. The only way to recover those files yourself is from a backup copy or by reinstalling the program that provided the files in the first place.

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