Errors NVIDIA Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

NVIDIA Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

Fix error code 0x0003 NVIDIA Geforce Experience

I am trying to open GeForce on my system but unable to open. It shows error like “something went wrong. Try rebooting your pc and then launch Geforce experience. Error code: 0x0003. Please resolve this issue.

How to Fix error code 0x0003 NVIDIA Geforce Windows 11?

Solution 1: Stop GeForce and restart GeForce Experience

Click on Control + Shift + Esc key to open Task Manager.
Click All GeForce tasks those are currently running > then click on End Task
On GeForce Experience app right-click > then select Run as Administrator

check if the error resolves

Solution 2: Check GeForce experience related services and Telemetry container

Hit Windows + R button to open RUN box
Then, type services.msc in Run box then press OK
Search NVIDIA Telemetry in the services list, then right-click > properties
Please make sure that Allow service to interact with desktop option must be check-in Lon on Tab.
Make sure the telemetry option is running.

After doing this, check if it works. If gives error then follow the further solution

Solution 3: Network Adapter Reset

Network adapter stocking is also a reason of GeForce Experience Error code 0x0003. Below are steps to reset it

Press Windows + R button to open Run dialog box
Type cmd to open command prompt > hit Control + Shift + Enter button for open elevated command prompt
Hit Yes button to run it as administrator
In elevated command prompt, type netsh winsock reset and hit Enter to reset network adapter

If the issue still not resolve, follow the steps below

Solution 4: Update Graphic driver NVIDIA

If a graphic driver out of date then it may give GeForce Experience code 0x0003 error.

Type “appwiz.cpl” in Run dialog box > Enter. Programs & Feature window will open.
Search for nvidia installation > right click to Uninstall option and uninstall all driver those are associated with the card.
To remove drivers from mmy system follow on screen instruction.
Restart after complete the process go on NVIDIA offical site to download the drivers and download latest drivers on your system and install them.

Solution 5: Reinstall GeForce experience

Follow below steps to reinstall it

On start menu search “Feature” > Apps and Features.
Press GeForce Experience > Press Unistall
Download latest GeForce Experience from the official site.
Install it and check if this is working.

Solution 6: Windows Update Check

You might using older version of Windows 10. Please check your Windows version if it is old then update it.

In start menu search windows update > select update settings.
Click on Check for update > download the latest updates automatically.

Restart the computer after update installed.

Solution 7: Create New User account

If all the above solutions not solved your problem then try to create new user account. Delete all application which are related to NVIDIA. Create new user account and install drivers.

I hope your problem is fixed now.

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