Errors How to Fix Run Time Errors

How to Fix Run Time Errors

What is computer “runtime?”

Runtime refers to the time during which any of your computers programs is operating, and a runtime error is simply an error which occurs during that time. What causes runtime errors?

You may be getting runtime errors for variety of reasons, but fortunately for you, runtime errors are not nearly as dangerous as system crashes. Not so fortunately, runtime errors are a sign that something is going wrong, and that a system crash may occur in the near future. If you’re experiencing runtime errors, you need to take steps to locate and fix the reasons for them.

What are the most common causes of runtime errors?

 A lack of sufficient memory (RAM) for the program you want to run.
 A virus infection
 Spyware or adware which has attached itself to the program without your knowledge
 A Windows Registry error
 An internal problem with the program’s drivers or files

In some instances, your PC itself may be able to identify the reason for the error and inform you. If, however, you have the bad luck to be getting runtime errors due to a PC virus, Trojan, or worm infection, you’ll have to spend some time tracking down the nature of the infection.

How to Fix Run-Time Errors

How are runtime errors repaired?

 Your PC is equipped to notify you when it experiences one of more than 60 specific common runtime errors. When you’re PC has identified the runtime area, you can do an Internet search to locate a forum in which that particular errors discussed, and possibly find a fix. Just keep in mind that many of the people posting runtime error fixes in those forums may have more advanced technical knowledge than you do.
 In order to accurately describe your runtime error in one of these forms, you’ll have to copy and paste its source code, providing all the details both on the error message, and on the stack traces. Without this sort of detailed information, people offering advice and the forms may not correctly understand the nature of your error.
 Even if your runtime error is correctly diagnosed, you may not be up to the task of implementing the fix recommended. Suppose your error is the result of Java defects-related applet errors? Do you even know what that means?

 While most of the people offering advice and runtime error forums are willing to supply step-by-step guidance in how to fix them, you may still be in over your head. Altering your PC’s source code unless you’re absolutely confident in what you’re doing can cause far more damage than the runtime error itself!
 Because so many runtime errors occur simply due to bad data in the Windows registry, why not run a registry cleaning tool to scan, identify, and remove any erroneous entries in the registry and see if that fixes your problem? One excellent registry cleaning tool is PC Doctor Pro.

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