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NTLDR is compressed

NTLDR is compressed | Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart

NTLDR is compressed

Tech Advise 1

Without CD for Compaq

 Turn on the computer.
 When the initial logo screen appears Press the F10 key repeatedly until a message about starting recovery appears.
 At the Recovery screen Click Advanced Options and then press the Alt and D keys at the same time to go to a command prompt.
 At the command prompt Enter the following: diskpart
 At the command prompt Enter the following: list volume
 Remember the drive letter next to line for the main hard drive HP_PAVILION or PRESARIO.
 To close Diskpart enter the following Exit

 At the command prompt, enter the drive letter followed by a colon (:). For example, H:
 At the command prompt, enter the following: cd \windows\system32
 At the command prompt, type the following: compact ntldr /u <the drive letter>:\ntldr
 For example if the drive letter was H you would type: compact ntldr /u h:\ntldr
 Type exitand press Enter.

Click Quit.

Ntldr is compressed press ctrl alt del TO RESTART “ntldr is compressed” error message NTLDR is compressed – Windows XP Home and Professional Methods to Fix Ntldr Compressed Error ntldr is missing windows 7 bootmgr is compressed

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