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Keep Your Mouse Out Of Your Typing In Vista

Mouse Out Of Your Typing In Vista

Keep Your Mouse Out Of Your Typing In Vista

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 Windows Vista is made to be user friendly and to save your time as much as possible, but for the experienced computer user that is already accustomed to a certain style of work, some of its features might be quite annoying. One of them is mouse cursor that constantly follows your typed text. They though it would help, but its quite irritating both for your eyes and concentration.
 A quick solve for this problem is provided by a little old application called MouseAway that surprisingly works on Vista also. The picture below shows the described situation, with the cursor right on top of the last typed text.

 When mouse away is started it will basically input a distance parameter between the last typed letter and the cursor position,.
 You can turn off MouseAway anytime you want, but it runs on very low resources so you can just forget it running, it will do no harm to your Pc’s performance.
 There are probably thousands of small programs that do the same think and of course there is no point in running all at the same time.

For your benefits, we have tested and chosen for you the best one for this specific Windows problem.

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