Windows How to Put an End to Windows Media Player Errors

How to Put an End to Windows Media Player Errors

Fix Windows Media Player Errors

Microsoft created The Windows Media Player, with its integrated media library, to enable PC users to enjoy video and audio files. The Windows Media Player can be downloaded at no charge onto PCs running Windows, as well as Windows mobile devices and Pocket PCs. At one time Microsoft was offering Windows media player is compatible for the MAC operating system and the Solaris operating system, but they no longer are.

You can use your Windows media player not only to listen to audio and view video files; you can use it to burn data to your storage devices, copy both DVDs and CDs, and rip music from other CDs. With Windows media player, you can synchronize media with your MP3 player, and enjoy digital music you rent or buy from Internet music stores.

Windows Media Player, however, will sometimes develop problems which results in your receiving an error message. These error messages will read as numerical IDs, depending on the nature of the error. You can learn more about what’s causing the error by clicking on the “More Information” or “Web Help” option within the error message box. We’ve put together a list of common Windows Media Player errors, with their number IDs and specific problems.

How to fix Windows Media Player Errors

 C00D0FDD – Can’t perform the requested action.
 C00D106A – Cannot play the selected play list.
 C00D1057 – A portion of the file cannot be played
 C00D1076 – Can’t play the file
 C00D0BCE: Cannot copy files to recordable disc
 800704C7: Requested action was canceled
 800704CF: Cannot find the file
 80070716: Cannot display a skin
 800C000D: The specified protocol is not supported
 800C2EE2: Operation timed out

 If you are frequently receiving Windows Media Player error messages when you try to run your Windows Media Player, the first thing to do is to use a good registry cleaner tool like PC Doctor Pro to find and remove obsolete or erroneous entries from your Windows registry. You should also run a good anti-spyware or anti-adware program to get rid of the malware which could be conflicting with your Windows Media Player. Attempting to repair your Windows registry by yourself, unless you have advanced computer skills, could be a huge mistake. Deleting registry entries without knowing exactly what they are could leave you with a completely non-operational PC. You’ll be much better off letting PC Doctor Pro or another Windows registry cleaner program handle the job!

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