Windows Keep Track of your connections in Vista

Keep Track of your connections in Vista

Keep Track of your connections in Vista

How to Keep track of Connections in vista

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 If you are a windows Vista user that is also using internet or has a local network, you might find it quite difficult to get to the actual place where your connections are listed.
 Of course, they are located as expected in Control Panel, but they are well hidden as if the manufactures were afraid they end-users might mess them up.
 After digging deeply you will eventually find them, and maybe make a shortcut or even better, add them of the start list.
 In order to do this you will have to access the menu by clicking on it, or if its deactivated keep in mind a shortcut to it its located in Windows, at application data.

 After you have opened the menu open a new window with your network connections.
 I know it’s a pain to locate them in Control Panel but I promise you it’s the last time you are going to have to do it.
 Vista lets you give different names to every connection, so you can easier remember what every one is for.
 Local Area Connection 123 means nothing to be, but if I type in In-House LAN, then it all becomes clear.

 Go back to the start menu, crate there a folder and name it as you wish (Network Connection would be easiest) and then click and drag each and every connection you wish to see there:
 Once you are done, the start menu automatically adds them to its search list.
 So when you will type wireless, it will display the status of you wireless connection.
 When you type Intranet, you will see you business intranet connection and so on.

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