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IPhone Display not turning off automatically when phone is idle | solution

Fix error iPhone display not turninng off automatically

I have an iPhone 7 and its display doesn’t switch off automatically when my phone is idle. I am not able to fix this problem. Kindly suggest some fixes?

How to fix the issue of iPhone Display not turning off automatically?

If your iPhone display won’t turn off automatically when your iPhone is idle than follow the instruction –

Change Autolock settings

  • Go to settings >> Go to General >> Select auto lock.
  • Set the time limit.

  Perform a reset

  • Hold Sleep/Wake + Home
  • Perform a reset.

Manually Reset you all setting

  • Go to settings >> Go to General >> Select Reset >> Reset all setting
  • Factory reset your Phone

Prior performing the factory reset function on your iPhone makes sure to backup your iTunes data.

  • Go to settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase all content and settings >> Restore using backup

Fix issue of iPhone display not turning off automatically when the phone is idle

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