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Problem fix Not able to access the iTunes store from your iPhone

Not able to access the iTunes store from your iPhone

I own an Apple iPhone. When i try to restore iTunes from my mac i am not able to access iTunes Store . It is frustrating me as i can’t download music. Please tell me any solution or fixes to get rid of this problem?

If you are not able access iTunes store the the reason may be

  • Blocked Cookies
  • Access to iTunes store server have been blocked
  • Hosts file entries
  • An issue between iTunes and security software
  • Incorrect Date and time settings

How to Fix problem not able to access iTunes store?

To access your iTunes kindly follow the mentioned steps –

Verify Date and time settings on your Mac laptop

  • Go to Apple menu>>Choose system preference
  • Click date and time
  • Select Set date and time automatically
  • Type your administrative password(You won’t see your password getting typed just keep on typing and press return
  • Click on Time zone Tab >> Match your time zone to your current location

 See if the host file block the iTunes store on your apple

  • Log on as administrator on you Mac
  • Go to application >>utilities
  • Open host file>>Type sudonano/private/etc/hosts>>Press Run
  • Edit the hosts file that contains comments (lines starting with the # symbol) and default host name mappings (for example: – localhost)

 Stop your firewall or any other security software

  • Go to apple menu >> choose System preference
  • Go to security and privacy and click on it >> select and click on firewall tab>>firewall options
  • Disable your firewall settings.

Unable to access itunes store on iPhone| fix issue not able to access itunes store on iPhone

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