Iphone Unable to Activate the iPhone after the update

Unable to Activate the iPhone after the update

Fix unable to activate iPhone

Last Night, I was using my iPhone for some work & suddenly i got a notification for the latest software update on iPhone. I clicked on Update & download start. After downloading the update i clicked on Install. After the installation complete i got an error & the error is unable to activate the iPhone. Then i try to fix it,

How to resolve error unable to activate the iPhone after the software update?

Solution 1
Remove Sim Card

 Remove Sim Card & turn off your iPhone & Now enter the Sim Card again & turn on your iPhone. If this is not working try to follow the next step.

Solution 2
Activate iPhone via iTunes

 Turn on Your Mac
 Open iTunes & make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes. If you are using an outdated version of the iTunes then Update with the latest one.
 Connect iPhone with MAC
 Select your iPhone by click on iPhone Icon
 Click Summary
 Click Update

If the above steps are not working try below steps

Solution 3
Connect iPhone with Mac

 Connect iPhone with Mac
 Open Itunes on Mac

After Connect, restart iPhone

  • If you are using iPhone 8 or later then press & release the volume up & down key & press & hold the side key & don’t release the button until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • If you are using iPhone 7 or later then press & hole side & volume down button together & wait until you see the recovery-mode screen.
  • If you are using iPhone 6 or later then press & hold the side button & home key together until the recovery mode screen appears.

Now, Two options are showing on the screen – Update and Restore

Select the Update & after update complete check your iPhone is working fine.

How to fix unsuccessful activation of iPhone after update/ Error on iPhone activation after update

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